Thursday, January 21, 2010

Venus Williams advances into 3rd round after beating Sybille Bammer

U.S contestant Venus Williams is in good form in Australian Open 2010. She is performing well. I hope that she will get one more Grand Slam this year and extend her career record. She is one of the famous players to have possibility to win the trophy. Venus Williams is closer to fulfill her dream become true. She has moved into the third round after beating Sybille Bammer by 6-2, 7-5. It was closely contestant game between them.

Venus Williams has seven Grand Slams beside his name. She has won five Grand Slams at Wimbledon and another two at the U.S. Open. Since her debut she has not won any big trophy in Australian Open. It is perhaps a big opportunity for her to reach the landmark. No doubt, she will face big challenge by other contestants. Now, as a fan we can wait to see how long she can advance in this tournament?

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