Saturday, January 9, 2010

Justine Henin is Happy to be back to Tennis

Nearly 18 months ago, when Justine Henin decided to retire from Tennis, it came as a shock to most people because she was in a very good form. I think that she also understood that there was a lot of tennis left in her and that is why, Justine Henin made her come back and it did not surprise many people.
Henin is a glittering exception to Tennis because she is all for Tennis instead of pursuing glamour like Ana Ivanovic or Sania Mirza. It is a pleasure to watch her playing.
Thus, for Tennis fans like me, she needed come back. She also needed to come back for her own happiness.
She said, "I’m afraid I am not an observer in life. I am somebody that has to go out there and do things. I need challenges all the time, I need to set myself a goal and achieve. Perhaps the one I have set myself now, to go back and try and get to the position where I was before with so many tough opponents around and new girls far younger than me, is the toughest one of all. But it’s something I need to do."
Henin has taken the right decision. 


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