Friday, December 25, 2009

Will Andy Murray hold the Australian Open 2010 Grand Slam?

2009 was perhaps a bad year for British tennis player Andy Murray. He did not won any Grand Slam title even he could not reach in the final round of any big tournament. He was criticized by the media agency because of his bad performance. Though, he got some big victories against some top ranked players. Now, Andy Murray is ready to take part in the Australian Open 2010. It is obviously a big challenge for him. With this tournament he wants to get back his form once again. He is expected to show his best form and snatch the title. You may know that he is considered as one of the best hard court players. Andy Murray will take lower position in the betting odds list. I hope that he will be a big threat for giant players. He may come out of his bad form and hold the Australian Open 2010 trophy. Let us see if he can make it possible either.

The first test match between Australia and Pakistan will start from 26th December, 2009. This match will take place at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG).


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