Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Open: An Autobiography by Andre Agassi

Former world no. 1 tennis great Andre Agassi has now published his autobiography titled "Open: An Autobiography." He may not have any fame as a writer, but the eight grand slam titles winner now wants to share the insight of his life sketch with millions of tennis fans. He dominated tennis court across the world for a brief period of time, but now he is ready to show his writing genius.

One of the attractions of his autobiography would be the temptation of knowing a great player, how he became a tennis star, how he sees the game etc. Aside from this, tennis fans would also like to go through the book to know an era of tennis which sees the ups and downs of some other great players like Pete Sampras through the words of Agassi. In the book, Andre Agassi revealed that, unlike many other great players, tennis was forced on him by his family in his childhood. He also writes that he was confused throughout his career during which he saw many ups and downs.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, i just finished reading andre's a follower of tennis and in life..he does everything with a superb flamboyance..just bought the book online from a1books..a great read indeed..

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great review!

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