Monday, November 30, 2009

Serena Williams was fined for her rude behave

Serena Williams is the world’s best female tennis player. Most of the time, we have seen her covering news with glamour and success. This US tennis star is called the queen of female tennis player. This time we can see different things. She got media coverage but because of her bad behavior. She was fined $175,000. However, it is not enough. She may be suspended from the future U.S. Open. You may be eagerly waiting to know that in which reason she was fined. She yelled at a lineswoman at the New York tennis Grand Slam this year. During the semi-final round against Kim Clijsters, the lineswoman called a foot-fault on Williams. According to the International Tennis Federation’s Grand Slam committee, there is still possibility that Serena Williams’s fine will be decreased to $82,500 if she did not create any more offenses till 2011.

As a fan we can hope that Serena Williams will teach a lesson from this punishment. If she can not control herself then she may be banned from tennis forever.

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