Sunday, November 22, 2009

Is Australian cricket missing the biggest coaches?

Right now, Australia does not have that many talented players in tennis. In the past, they had some outstanding players who could dominant the world at least who could play in top level of tennis. Now, there are some concerns in the country that they are not getting the services of the top coaches in the country. Australia could consistently produce some of the finest coaches in the world and the best five of them are not related to tennis Australia, the national body for tennis. This has raised some concerns and sports administrator has urged them to get these best coaches and this way arrange the upcoming players to get some direct coaching from these best coaches.

However, it seems that tennis Australia is not too much eager at this moment. Of course, one of the problems is perhaps they don’t have enough money or they thing that they don’t need top coaches. I think that Australian government can come forward in this regard. They can easily allocate some money or they can try to convince the officials of tennis Australia to change their mind and appoint the top five coaches of the country. If it happens then the players and specially the teenagers will get a lot of support from thoroughly world class coaches.

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