Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ana Ivanovic: Will the Former No. 1 Make a Strong Come Back in 2010?

Ana Ivanovic is undoubtedly one of the brightest talents of recent time in women’s tennis. The Serbian is considered to have the true mettle, skill and talent to become a future great, but now it seems that she is gradually losing her ground since picking up a leg injury last year. She failed to live up to the expectation following her triumph in French Open 2008. Moreover, she suffered a leg injury and did not see much success in 2009. Now, her fans are expecting a strong come back from the Ivanovic in 2010.

One must possess strive for getting success and winning matches. A player who wants to become a legend must know the fact he or she must improve his or her game constantly. I can still remember that Ana Ivanovic worked really very hard to shed off her extra weight during the off-season of 2007, and her hard work brought the French Open title next year. I do not know if Ana Ivanovic sill possesses that strive and working hard mentality, but one thing is for sure that she must have that attitude if she wants to retain her no. 1 rank.


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