Saturday, October 17, 2009

Venkatesh Prasad and Robin Singh has been sacked as India coach

I feel surprise when I heard that India’s cricket chiefs have sacked their bowling and fielding coach without any reason. Even these two coaches have not been noticed about the reason of their remove. Board members may take this decision after India’s poor performance and early exit in the recently concluded Champions Trophy in South Africa. It seems that board members can not depend on them.

Bowling coach Venkatesh Prasad involved with Indian cricket team since May 2007 in a tour series against Bangladesh. I think that he can not produce any good face bowler yet. Even his guidance can not help India team to get any big trophy.

India is always poor in ground fielding. Except few players no one could show any resistance in ground fielding. So, we can say that Robin Singh can not develop the fielding line up.

However, board members will have to find someone for these places. Let us come to see who will be selected for these positions.

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