Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Roger Federer will get more Grand Slams: Pete Sampras says

What is your opinion about the former world number one tennis player Roger Federer? Do you think he will take retirement from tennis? Some of his fans think that it is the right time for their super star to take retirement from tennis and do something for the rest of his life. However, one of the legendary tennis players Pete Sampras thinks that Roger Federer has still left to get some more Grand Slam titles. Despite being top favorite in the US Open, he failed to get one more title after being beaten in the final round at the hand of Juan Martin Del Potro of Argentina.

However, Pete Sampras is hopeful about Roger Federer. In this year, Roger Federer got his maiden Grand Slam in French Open and broke Sampras’s 14 major titles after winning a title in Wimbledon. He also hopes that Rafael Nadal will regain his top position and start dominance in tennis court.

I also support Pete Sampras’s suggestion. I think that Federer should continue his game and give us more entertainment. He is not much aged player. So, he has possibility to get some titles beside his name.

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