Friday, October 16, 2009

Rahul Dravid will Give Up ODI Format of Cricket Game?

The exclusion of Rahul Dravid from ODI squad against Australia made former Captain Sourav Ganguly surprise. I also have become surprised when I have not seen his name in the 15-man squad. You should know that this matter has become one of the most talked topics among cricket fans. This experienced batsman failed to impress selectors. May be selectors are doing some experiment.

Rahul Dravid was one of the potential players in Indian cricket and involved in batting trio. However, it was past. Now, he is struggling hard to make his place in the national squad. The true fact is that he is not in prime form. His position in ODI cricket is under the threat of existence. Now, some of his fans raised question about his future career in Indian cricket. Do you think Rahul Dravid can make his return in the squad? I have doubt about it.

He is now 36 years old player and after few months he will turn 37. So, you can easily understand that he has become aged. I think that it is the right time for him to take retirement from all types of cricket game and give more effort to do something related about cricket.

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