Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Andrew Flintoff Wants to Play Australia’s Domestic Cricket

English all rounder Andrew Flintoff has got much media coverage for the last few months. Recently, he has come under spot light after revealing his thought to play domestic cricket before the end of his career. This one of the best all rounders has already announced his retirement from Test cricket. He had to undergo surgery and now recovering from knee injury. He says that one more injury can end his cricket career. He is now worried about his injury.

Andrew Flintoff is the first freelance cricketer. That is why, he rejected ECB’s offer to play for national cricket team. He is now just 31 years old player. I also support his decision. He has taken the right decision. He can continue his career in cricket may be more than 5 years. So, it is the right chance to earn money.

Andrew Flintoff wants to be one of the best performances in the shortest version of cricket game. Let us come to see if he can give full effort in cricket after recovering from injury.

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