Tuesday, September 29, 2009

One Day Cricket vs Twenty20 Cricket: What TV Ratings Show

There is no doubt, the ongoing Champions Trophy 2009 is considered to be a big test for the ODI format of the game. With the increasing popularity of Twenty20 cricket, ODI cricket has lost much of its appeal and people like Shane Warne want to stop ODI as the mainstream cricket and focus more on Twenty20 cricket.

The TV ratings play in favor of Shane Warne. TV ratings of the much-awaited match between India and Pakistan on 26 September were really very disappointing and it could not come close to what a match of this stature used to score in the past. Moreover, another striking difference between ODI and Twenty20 formats is that the TV ratings of the opening matches of Twenty20 world cup were much more than the TV ratings of the opening games of Champions Trophy. So, does not indicate that ODI format of cricket would now have to make its way to the pavilion? Let us see what happens in the fate of ODI cricket?

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