Saturday, September 19, 2009

Ijaz Butt: PCB to Follow Government Decision over Playing in India in World Cup 2011

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman Ijaz Butt has said that the board would follow government decision whether Pakistan cricket team would visit India to play world cup 2011 matches. Mr. Butt also said that PCB was time to time informing the government about cricket issues and would follow its decision over reviving bilateral cricket relationship with India.

Pakistan government put a bar on Pakistani cricketers playing in India when Indian government instructed BCCI not to send Indian cricket team on a pre-scheduled cricket tour to Pakistan earlier this year. Following Lahore terror attack, Pakistan was stripped off hosting rights of world cup. So, they now have to visit India to play their world cup matches. Now, let us see if the deadlock between the two governments melts down in the coming months.

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