Friday, September 11, 2009

ICC Planning to Launch Split over Concept in ODI Cricket

International Cricket Council (ICC) is now seriously considering the split-over idea in ODI cricket. In this system, each team in ODI cricket would bat twice like a test match, and each time they will be allotted 25 overs maximum. Naturally, it is a very new concept and there are some excitement among the cricket organizers and administrators.

About the advantage of split-over system, Dave Richardson, cricket manager of ICC, has said that this system would reduce the effect of toss in the game because both teams would have to bat in both half of a match. He also thinks that this system would first be introduced in the domestic level before bringing it to the international circuit.

Well, I think, split-over system would increase the duration of the match because there will be three innings break throughout the match. Naturally, it would increase the total duration of the game. So, it would not be a good decision because Twenty20 format is becoming more and more popular because of its short duration.

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