Thursday, August 20, 2009

Harsha Bhogle on How to Save Cricket

Prominent television commentator and cricket analyst, Harsha Bhogle, has recently said that the upcoming ICC Champions Trophy 2009 would be a laboratory test for one-day form of cricket. With the increasing popularity of the twenty20 format of Cricket, the future of test and ODI cricket seems uncertain as too much focus is given to twenty20 cricket because of its ever-increasing popularity.

For twenty20 cricket, Harsha Bhogle suggests to introduce franchise based cricket in order to ensure the participation of larger number of cricketers. He also emphasizes on making sporting wickets in test cricket as he believes that test cricket’s future is not uncertain as long as there will be sporting wickets.

Harsha Bhogle has also come up with an idea for twenty20 cricket. He thinks that it is necessary to bring a balance between batting and bowling in the shortest form of the game, and thus is why, he is suggesting longer boundaries for twenty20 cricket in what, he believes, would bring the much-needed balanced between batting and bowling.

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