Saturday, June 20, 2009

Ramiz Raja: Terror Attack can not Kill Passion for Cricket

You already know that Sri Lanka and Pakistan are going to playing against each other in the twenty20 world cup 2009 in England tomorrow. There is no doubt, both the teams were not among the top favorites of the tournament, but it is interesting to see that both sides are now going to play in the tournament final. This is a big achievement for both Pakistan and Sri Lanka where cricket has been suffering from security concern over the last few years. Specially, Pakistan cricket has been badly hit by terrorism. In fact, Pakistan has been isolated by world cricket community as most of the cricket playing nations are unwilling to go to Pakistan on cricket tour.

A deadly terror attack on Sri Lankan cricket team in Lahore on 3 March left seven Sri Lankan cricketers and their assistant coach injured, besides killing 8 security personnel in the attack. After the attack, International Cricket Council (ICC) decided not to host any cricket match in the country in the near future and has already taken away Pakistan’s world cup 2011 hosting status.

Now former Pakistan captain Ramiz Raja has said that it has been a big boost up for Pakistan and Sri Lanka as they are going to play in the final of twenty20 world cup 2009 because it shows that any terror attack or any kind of uncertain circumstances can not kill the passion that the cricket fans of both the countries hold. He also asked both captains of Younis Khan and Kumar Sangakkara to make strong comment on this regard to world community so that they do not leave the two countries alone.

Sri Lanka’s problem with Tamil Guerillas has been put an end recently and it seems that the condition could improve in the near future. However, there is no indication that the condition of Pakistan would improve in the near future. Rather, terror attack in the country still continues. So, I think, Pakistan government should take huge initiative in this regard so that the security condition in the country becomes normal which could lead ICC to allow Pakistan to organize world cup matches.

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