Sunday, May 3, 2009

ICC to USA Cricket Board: Set up a Twenty20 Tournament Like IPL to Battle against APL

International Cricket Council (ICC) has asked USA cricket officials to organize a Twenty20 league in the format of Indian Premier League (IPL) to fight against unofficial American Premier League (APL) which is supposed to take place in October in New York, USA. Here, it is notable that APL officials has already signed some of the players from rebel Indian Cricket League (ICL) and is all set to venture into a big-money twenty20 league in America where cricket is mostly popular among the South Asian residents only.

Inderjit Bindra, principal advisor of ICC, has said that regulation is not enough to stop the unauthorized cricket tournaments like APL and ICL. He has also stressed that it is also very important to formulate a twenty20 tournament like IPL and that is what, he advised to USA cricket board to do. Inderjit Bindra, who is a member of IPL governing council, thinks that American cricket should have an authorized twenty20 cricket league in the presence of some of the top international players.

I do not think that it was an advice from ICC for USA cricket board. Rather, it was an advice from BCCI. Mr. Bindra is involved with IPL, and how can I be sure that his advice would not be biased. To be honest, I am just disappointed to see the kind of hegemony BCCI is practicing in world cricket. If APL has a player like Imran Nazir, then what is the problem? The players like Imran Nazir have already represented their country in international cricket for years. If that is true, then what is the problem in giving recognition of ICL or IPL? Only BCCI people know that answer.

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