Wednesday, May 13, 2009

ICC to Take Stronger Stance against Slow Over-rate

International Cricket Council (ICC) is going to take stronger stance against slow over rate in future. Cricket committee of ICC now wants stricter enforcement of its slow over-rate laws in case of slow over-rate in cricket matches, especially in test cricket.

It has been suggested by ICC Cricket Committee that if team is fined for slow over-rate in any particular format of the game in the space of 12 months, then its captain must face suspension for few matches. According to current ICC rule, a bowling team must bowl 15 overs per hour. ICC thinks that this is appropriate and achievable by the teams.

Well, I have a point here. Sometimes, it becomes very hard for the bowling side to bowl 15 overs in an hour when batting side starts hitting too many boundaries and over-boundaries around the wicket. So, ICC should rule that when there will be more than 6 or 7 runs per over, then the over-rate should be less then 15 overs.


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