Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Former Bangladesh Captain Habibul Bashar Cut Ties with ICL

Habibul Bashar, former captain of Bangladesh cricket team, informed Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) on Monday that he had terminated his ICL contract and was keen to come back to international fold now. BCB has recently offered an amnesty to Bangladeshi ICL players by which they can come back into BCB fold if they cut their ties with ICL by June 15, and now it seems that Habibul Bashar is going to be the first ICL player from Bangladesh to accept this amnesty.

Regarding his return to official fold, Habibul Bashar, who has 3,026 test runs in 50 test matches for Bangladesh, said that he wanted to for Bangladesh once again and felt that he would be able to represent Bangladesh team international cricket at least for 2 more years. He admitted that ICL was lucrative, but felt money was not everything as he said that staying out of domestic and international cricket was painful.

Bashar also hopes that other ICL players would follow his footstep and come into BCB fold, by cutting their ties with ICL which does not have ICC recognition. Last year, 14 Bangladeshi cricketers including a number of international players joined ICL in a mass exodus and it was reported that each of the Bangladeshi players was handed a 3-year contract for a whopping $200,000.

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