Wednesday, May 27, 2009

ESPN Star Sports Increases TV AD Rate by 80% for Twenty20 World Cup 2009

ESPN Star Sports has increased their television advertising rates by 80% for the upcoming twenty20 world cup 2009, starting from June 5 in England. Having seen extensive TVR of inaugural twenty20 world cup in 2007, during which India vs Pakistan final match saw TVRs reaching 15.2 which has so far been a record for a cricket tournament, the broadcaster is now charging Rs 4 lakh for a 10-second spot, an 80% increase from last year’s Rs 2.25 lakh. Overall, ESPN Star Sports, the official television rights holder of ICC, wants to generate Rs 220 crore through television advertisement during twenty20 world cup 2009.

Televisionpoint reported:

R. C. Venkateish, managing director, ESPN Software India, the company that owns the rights to broadcast the event in India, says, "In terms of on-air sales, we have written 80 per cent more revenue as compared to the last edition."

Venkateish said the company has an impressive line-up of advertisers for the ICC World event. "We have signed 10 sponsors and an additional 20 corporates advertisers for spot buys on live as well as pre-post programming. We expect to gross at least Rs 220 crore in advertising from the event." said Venkateish.

It has been reported that cricket fans from 216 countries across the world would enjoy twenty20 world cup 2009. Well, I think the reason behind this increase in advertisement rate is mainly because of huge interest in Indian market. India is the defending champion of the tournament and their recent performance is pretty much satisfactory. Naturally, Indian cricket fans are eagerly waiting to see India repeating their success in England too.


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