Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Andrew Symonds: End of the Test Career?

You might already know that Andrew Symonds was left out of Australia’s Ashes 2009 squad. Australian selectors preferred Shane Watson to Symonds as the prime all rounder for Australia, given Watson’s excellent form over the last one year. Now, the question is that if this is the end of Andrew Symonds’ illustrious test career. Well, it may not be the right time to answer the question, but it is pretty much certain that the all rounder’s test career is now uncertain.

If Shane Watson and Andrew McDonald can show their talent and skill, it would really be very tough for Symonds to retain his place in the test squad. Over the last one year, Symonds became newspaper headlines mostly for the wrong reasons as he was involved in a series of off-field problems. Injury was another problem that he had to overcome to make his come back to the Australian squad in the recent ODI series against Pakistan where he indicated to return to his top form.

Moreover, Andrew Symonds has been pretty much impressive in the ongoing IPL 2009. Well, it is true that the veteran all rounder missed a lot of cricket action over the last one year and it was very tough for Australian selectors to recall him to the test squad, but still I think, Symonds should have been included in the Ashes squad, given his vast experience and previous performance. To be honest, Andrew Symonds now has to face strong challenge to retain his place in the test squad. However, I am hopeful that he would be able to do it as he always seems to be a fighter, but to do so, he must remain determined and disciplined both on and off the field. So, I do not think that it is the end of Andrew Symonds’ test career.


Thomas Rooney said...

It's a shame that he isn't involved. I think he would have been a good man to have in the squad. As for his future, I can't see him playing for Australia again.

Top site by the way. Really enjoy reading it. Would you be able to email me when you get the chance?

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