Friday, April 10, 2009

Pakistan to Host New Zealand on New Zealand Soil!

Pakistan cricket has been badly hit by the security condition of the country following the Lahore terror attack on Sri Lankan cricketers last month. So, it is pretty much understandable that no international cricket team would tour Pakistan in the near future until the security condition of Pakistan improves dramatically. In fact, you already know that Pakistan is going to play its home series against Australia in UAE, starting from 22 April 2009. Pakistan is also scheduled to host New Zealand this year and it has been already certain that New Zealand is not going to tour Pakistan and the series would definitely be relocated to somewhere else.

Recently, Justin Vaughan, the New Zealand Cricket chief executive, has indicated that they would offer Pakistan to play the ODI and the test series against New Zealand on New Zealand soil. Though the series is expected to take place in November-December, nothing has been confirmed yet.

Well, UAE is one of the major venues where Pakistan has lots of supports and it is pretty much clear that Pakistan would prefer UAE to host New Zealand in ODI and test series, UAE has not hosted any test match yet. So, it is unlikely that UAE would host the test series between India and New Zealand. Justin Vaughan, the CEO of New Zealand Cricket, has recently said that he would make Pakistan officials next week when he will be in Dubai to attend an executive board meeting of ICC.

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has recently revealed that it has received offers from Ireland, Scotland, England and Malaysia. To organize the test and ODI matches between Pakistan and New Zealand over there. It is less likely that the series could be relocated to Northern American region like Canada because of the severe cold in that part of the region during November-December. However, Malaysia could be a viable option as they have past experience of organizing U-19 Championship last year. However, there is every possibility that Pakistan could host New Zealand on New Zealand soil towards the end of this year, but to do that, the countries must agree on the financial terms and conditions as it seems to become a major concern.

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