Sunday, April 26, 2009

New Zealand Asked Sri Lanka to Arrange Iraq-like Security

New Zealand is supposed to visit Sri Lanka in August 2009 on a tour. However, the ongoing conflict between Sri Lankan government and Tamil Tigers has stimulated the security concern. New Zealand Cricket (NZC) has recently decided to ask Sri Lanka to arrange the kind of security which is only available for big US companies in Iraq.

NZC has asked Sri Lanka to arrange high quality security in Sri Lanka. The security condition in the sub-continent has been deteriorated over the last one year. Since the Mumbai terror attack, safety has become a big issue to address. After last month’s Lahore terror attack on Sri Lankan team bus, security condition has been deteriorated in the region. Now, let us see if Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) can manage to convince NZC to send its team to Sri Lanka on a scheduled tour by ensuring enough safety measure.

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