Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Harbhajan Singh to Quit Cricket if Proven Guilty of Shooting a Commercial in stead of Attending Padma Shri Award Ceremony

Harbhajan Singh reacted strongly against the allegation that the Indian star off-spinner missed the Padmashri award ceremony for shooting a commercial in New Delhi. Harbhajan even said that he would stop playing cricket, if the allegation is proven. Both Harbhajan Singh and Indian Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni were honored with Padmashri award, but both of them missed the award giving ceremony which took place on Tuesday in New Delhi, and both of them have been fully criticized for doing so.

Regarding reasons of missing the Padmashri award ceremony, Harbhajan Singh indicated family problem. He said that he had felt bad for not being able to present at the award giving ceremony, but he was left with no other option as there were some serious family commitments.

Well, I think, it is not fair to take a charge against anybody without having enough proof. One simple thing is that no body would like to miss a ceremony where he or she will be awarded with the country’s one of the highest civilian awards. So, it is pretty much understandable that Harbhajan Singh could not attend the ceremony due to some serious family bindings and problems.

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