Thursday, April 9, 2009

2009 Wisden Almanack Criticizes ECB on Several Grounds

You already know that the performance of England cricket team was not very impressive over the last one year. In fact, England was defeated by South Africa in the home test series and then was thrashed in test and ODI series at the hands of surging Indian cricket team. The 2009 Wisden Almanack says that the overcrowding of international cricket is one of the major reasons behind the mediocre performance of England cricket team.

Scyld Berry, the editor of Wisden Almanack, picks up some other problems regarding English cricket at this moment. One of the major problems that he talks about is the subsidies that England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) is currently providing to the counties through the revenue earned by England cricket team, and he is also furious over the counties for spending big part of that money by paying high amount to the foreign players.

Berry also slams ECB for making the England’s international schedule too much packed in order to generate more revenue. He thinks that the ECB’s financial dependence on England team is taking its toll on England players, and thus, affecting their performance on the field. Scyld Berry also indicates the condition of former opener Marcus Trescothick who was forced to retire due to too much mental pressure.

Scyld Berry also talks about the evolution of Twenty20 format of cricket and its impact on the overall development on the game. He praises Indian Premier League and thinks that it will accelerate the development of cricket. However, he also calls for a balance in the amount of twenty20, ODI and test cricket. Berry thinks that there should be considerable amount of test and ODI cricket too, alongside twenty20 cricket.

Overall, it seems that the 2009 Wisden Almanack will feature some of the problems that the ECB officials should take into account and should focus on working out those problems.

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