Saturday, March 14, 2009

West Indies Cricket Revitalized?

It has been a long since West Indies lost its glorious days in cricket. In fact, their cricket has gone through continuous decay over the last two decades. The recent test series win over England team is considered to be one of the major successes of West Indies in test cricket over the last few years. Now, the question is if this is the indication of West Indies cricket being revitalized? It is a tricky question and does not have any one-word answer.

After the Allen Stanford case, the current financial crisis of West Indies seems to be aggravated in the years to come. The humiliation concerning Antigua pitch condition indicates lapses in their administration. So, the problem of West Indies cricket is confined in their on-field performance. Rather, there are few other concerns too which West Indies Cricket Board must deal with smartly if they really want to bring back the glory of West Indies cricket.


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