Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Uncertainty over World Cup Cricket 2011 in Asia Following Terrorist Attack in Lahore

Following the brutal terrorist attack on Sri Lankan players yesterday (5 March 2009) near the Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore, the whole cricket world is now concerned about the 2011 World Cup Cricket, which is due to be held in four South Asian countries including India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Pakistan. ICC chief Haroon Lorgat already said that no world cup match would take place in Pakistan unless there was any dramatic change in Pakistan’s security condition. So, former cricket players and cricket analysts are also doubtful if any cricket playing nation would like to tour Pakistan in the next few years.

Well, security condition in other host nations is not very convincing too, though it is true that security condition in India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka is way better than the condition in Pakistan. So, there is a slight possibility that world cup 2011 might be moved to the official standby hosts Australia and New Zealand, though nothing is confirmed yet and it is still a distant possibility. Even, Cricket Australia (CA) chief, James Sutherland, has recently said that Australia is ready to host the world cup 2011 matches, besides insisting that he wants the world cup to be held in Asia. ICC board members will meet in Dubai next month to discuss about various issues regarding security concern as well as world cup 2011.

Now, it is less likely that any world cup 2011 match will take place in Pakistan. In that case, the matches which would have been organized in Pakistan should not be moved to Australia or New Zealand, unless the whole world cup tournament is not moved to Australia and New Zealand. If the world cup 2011 is taken place in Asia, then India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka can share the matches which are due to take place in Pakistan.

However, as I mentioned earlier that security in other co-host countries including India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka are not very convincible (if you do not believe me then check out the terrorist activities in these countries over the last one year), I think, Asian countries can offer Australia and New Zealand to host the World Cup Cricket 2011 and in return, Australia and New Zealand, who are the official co-host for 2015 world cup, would allow four South Asian countries to host the 2015 world cup cricket tournament. This can be a pragmatic decision taken by the host countries of 2011 and 2015 world cup cricket tournaments in association of International Cricket Council (ICC).


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