Sunday, March 29, 2009

John Buchanan’s Idea of Having Multiple Captains and Some Points

The idea of having several captains in a team has now been a topic of heated conversation in world cricket. Recently, John Buchanan, the current coach of IPL franchise Kolkata Knight Riders, has came up with the idea of having no fixed captain for Kolkata Knight Riders during the upcoming IPL 2009 tournament which kicks off from 18 April 2009. Last season, Sourav Ganguly led Kolkata in IPL.

There are many who do not think that it could be a good idea to feature a number of captains for a team, while you can find people who are in favor of this idea. Ric Charlesworth, who led Australian women’s hockey team to win two Olympic gold medals in 1996 and 2000, first came up with this concept of having several captains in a team and he even tried to put forward his idea to New Zealand cricket team while working as the high performance manager of New Zealand team.

Charlesworth believes that the idea of having a number of captains for a team at a time helps the players to grow the mentality of taking responsibility and it would could lessen the pressure of a fixed captain.

Well, Charlesworth and Buchanan may have their own set of ideas about leadership, but I do not think that it could be conducive for a team with having a number of leaders at a time. Everybody has their own set of ideas and ethics and when it comes to leadership, it can not be good to have different set of ideas being invoked in the same team simultaneously. A captain must have his own style of leadership which lets the players know about their role on the team and what the captain wants from him. A team can not bring out success while coping with several set of ideas and thoughts.

Moreover, with several captains, the younger members of a team could be confused about whom they should follow to. I think, the idea of having several leaders could lead to a number of fractions in the team as far as I am concerned about human nature. It could create ego conflict among the senior players and personality clash is most likely to happen. Overall, I am not in favor of this idea and I think, having a single captain is the most favorite idea, but what a team can do is to create future leadership by resting regular captain for the unimportant matches where the vice captain can come in to lead the team. For example, when a team already makes it to the next stage with some matches left in hand, the team can rest the regular captains and gave chances to vice captains.


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