Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ijaz Butt: International Cricket to be Back in Pakistan within 9 Months

Ijaz Butt, chairman of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), is hopeful that international cricket will be back in Pakistan within 6 to 9 months. The recent terror attack on Sri Lankan team bus in Lahore which left eight people killed and seven injured has put the future of Pakistan cricket in jeopardy and there is concern that no international team would like to tour Pakistan in the next few years in fear of security condition of the country.

However, Ijaz Butt is optimistic about the return of cricket in Pakistan by the end of this year, but he has also assured that until the security level in the country reaches a satisfactory level, Pakistan would not invite any international team to tour. He has mentioned that a high-level inquiry has been in work to find out the men who were involved in the attack and he is hopeful that this would remove the concern over security condition of Pakistan. Mr. Butt has called upon other cricket playing countries to stand beside Pakistan in this tough phase of time.

The attack in Lahore came when security condition of Pakistan was under scrutiny and there had been a serious concern about the security of Pakistan in world cricket. Though PCB chairman has expressed some optimism about Pakistan cricket, there are still enough reasons for the cricket playing nations to be reluctant to tour Pakistan.

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