Friday, March 6, 2009

Danny Morrison: The Duckman of CricketCricket

Generally, we know that a player can get stardom when he achieves success in his game by showing his talent and skill. Well, can you imagine that someone can become famous for his failure? I guess no, but the fact is that there are exceptions and former New Zealand pacer Danny Morrison is definitely one of those exceptions who became famous mainly because of his poor batting display and he once held the record for highest number of ducks (getting out without scoring any run in Cricket means duck) in test cricket.

Following his notorious record being made, people started calling him ‘the Duckman’. The nickname became so popular that a tie featuring a number of ducks was manufactured in 1996. A limited edition of that tie was released and each of those ties has now become an important cricket memorabilia that you would like to keep in your collection. Later on, Morrison even launched a duck caller for hunters in relation to his world record for highest number of ducks.

Danny Morrison was also very famous for his unique bowling style and big smile. He had great speed and was a threat for the batsmen while bowling at his best, but does not hold a great career record with 160 wickets from 48 tests and 126 wickets from 96 ODI matches. Danny Morrison, who represented New Zealand in three world cup tournaments from 1987-1996, is a cricket commentator as well as host of a number of cricket related programs on television and radio. You can visit his website by clicking here:


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