Monday, February 9, 2009

Pakistani Senators Called for Sack of Pakistan Cricket Board

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) is now under serious pressure following their heaviest ever ODI defeat in the third match of the three-match ODI series against Sri Lanka. Recently, senators of Pakistan legislature have fully criticized the current members of the cricket board and called upon Pakistan president Asif Ali Zardari to sack the existing cricket board for the betterment of Pakistan cricket. During a fiery session held by senate committee on sport, Pakistani senators talked about various issues of Pakistan cricket including the poor performance of Pakistan team, the bankruptcy of PCB and the resignation of Javed Miandad as PCB director general.

Senators termed the PCB officials incapable. They also criticized PCB chairman Ijaz Butt and asked President Zardari to reconsider his appointment as PCB chairman. Senators said that PCB should not fear about bankruptcy as it has 2.7 billion (34.15 million dollars) in its account at this moment. PCB Chairman had to answer to the questions regarding Miandad’s resignation from PCB.

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