Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Pakistan High Court Lifts Domestic Ban on ICL Players in Pakistan

Sindh High Court today has lifted the ban on Pakistan players who signed contracts with Indian Cricket League (ICL). With this decision being taken by the court, Pakistan players who took part in ICL can now fell some relief as they will now be able to play domestic cricket in Pakistan. Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) had earlier imposed a ban on ICL contracted Pakistani players from playing international cricket for Pakistan as well as any domestic tournament organized by PCB.

ICL Pakistani players recently asked PCB to show exact reasons for which they were banned from domestic cricket and under which rule, PCB could ban ICL cricketers from any kind of official cricket in Pakistan. ICL appointed lawyer Zahid Fakhr Ibrahim to represent the Pakistani players in the court. Well, this is definitely good news for other ICL players. For example, Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) has also imposed a 10-year ban on those Bangladeshi players who are playing in ICL. So, they can not follow the feat of Pakistani players. The same thing goes for New Zealand cricketers as well. I think, the decision taken by the Pakistan high court might help ICL authority to win the official recognition of ICC.

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