Monday, February 2, 2009

India vs Sri Lanka 3rd ODI 2009: Preview and Live Score

If you want to get the live score and updates of the match between Sri Lanka and India, then visit the following link:
India vs Sri Lanka 3rd ODI 2009: Live Score and Updates
Sri Lanka and India are going to play in the third ODI of the on-going series. The match will take place tomorrow and it is a day/night match. This is a very important match for Sri Lanka because they are already trailing to nil. And if tomorrow they loss the match then they will loss the ODI series. So, you may think that this is not such an important match for India because if India loses then it is not a big deal. Well, India has something to play for too. If India wins then they win the ODI series and India has a very good of becoming in the number 1 raked in the ODI team after this series. So, Indian cricket team should play their best and try to win every match.

Let us look back at the second ODI. In the second ODI, India won by 15 runs and it was a closely fought match. India batted first and they scored 256 runs losing 9 wickets from their allotted 50 overs. Indian batsmen failed to impress except Yuvraj Singh. Yuvraj Singh played a very important inning at the right time. He scored 66 runs. The only good thing that happened for Indian team was that they could play Ajantha Mendis and Muralitharan very well. Except it in the second ODI, I did not feel anything interesting from Indian batting line-up. On the other hand, while chasing the target Sri Lanka lost wicket at regular interval and in the end they just fell short of the target. I feel that Sri Lanka have a same problem. In the first ODI Sanath Jayasuriya performed very well but then in the second ODI no batsman could impress anyone. In the end Sri Lanka could manage only 241 runs from 49.2 overs and they got all out.

In this series, Sri Lankan bowing is not that much impressive until now. Mendis and Muralitharan are considered to be perhaps a most dangerous spin pair of today. They are better even than Indian spinners. There is no doubt about that but we have to remember that Indian batsmen are very skilled about playing against spin bowling. So, I feel that Sri Lankan pacers should be more useful and they can bring better result. So, in the third ODI Sri Lankan paces have to be more focused.

I have already said that Indian batting line-up is not doing up to the mark in this series and they have to be very careful. Off-course, they are good at playing spin bowling but at the same time we have to remember that Murali and Mendis can become dangerous at any moment. Captain MS Dhoni has said this matter to his fellow batsmen that Indian batsmen must not be too much complacent and think that Murali and Mendis will not be danger for them. So, Indian batsmen have to focus about playing against the spinners. Here I like to say something about Sachin Tendulkar. Sachin Tendulkar is a great batsman but it is clear that he is out of form in ODI. I feel that Sachin should focus more on Test cricket and try to make some more records. Off-course, Sachin is now very hungry and will try to show that he can perform still at this age and he will try his best tomorrow to get some decent amount of runs.

Perhaps Sachin can learn something from Jayasuriya. Jayasuriya is now at 39 and he is still going very well. In the first ODI, he scored a century and he is always dangerous. You can never expect that what Jayasuriya will do next and he can get back his form at any moment. As I have mentions he has already scored a century and tomorrow the supporter will expect a lot from Jayasuriya. Off-course the other batsmen of Sri Lanka have to remember that they should not be too much dependent on Jayasuriya. In a second ODI because Jayasuriya could not perform well, the Sri Lankan batsmen stumbled.

Indian bowling is not that bad at this moment. Specially, you have to remember that India does not have any quality spinner at this moment but still they are doing quite well. Today I found a news that Lakshmipathy Balaji is going to Sri Lanka to replace Munaf Patel. It is expected that Balaji will play in the ODI series. I am not sure if he will play in tomorrow’s match. Off-course, Sri Lanka and India is very near and it takes one hour from India to travel Sri Lanka by plane and it is not a very tiring big journey either. I will not be surprised if we can see Balaji in tomorrow’s match.

I have to admit that Sri Lankan performance in the ODI series has frustrated many fans and what I feel is that the condition of Sri Lankan cricket is not that much good at this moment. The players are not playing that good but you can say that they just defeated Pakistan in Pakistan. Yes, but they have to defeat India too. The main crisis of Sri Lankan cricket is that there is too much politics going on in Sri Lankan cricket. There is a lot of fighting and Sri Lankan cricket is also suffering from lack of money. Very big problem is that at this moment, Sri Lankan cricket is getting too much dependant on television revenue and you know that television revenue now a days is totally dependant on how many times India is going to visit a country and play. This is a bad thing for world cricket as the revenue of most countries is getting dependant on Indian visit. Perhaps, it is time that ICC officials try to brain storm and find out some new ways of making cricket more popular.

Now, as you can understand tomorrow is a very important match and I am thinking who will win? Off course, I feel that Sri Lanka may just come back in the series and win the match tomorrow. If you are Indian supporter you may not like my view and I am sure that you are expecting that Indian will take a 3-0 lead and admit that it is possible but I want to say that Sri Lanka is a favorite for tomorrow’s match.


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