Tuesday, February 3, 2009

India vs Sri Lanka 3rd ODI 2009: Live Score and Updates

Winning the 3rd ODI match, India took a 3-0 lead of the five-match ODI series.

Sri Lankan innings

India won by 147 runs.

41.4 Overs: Sri Lanka is 216/10

41 Overs: Sri Lanka is 212/9

40 Oveers: Sri Lanka is 201/9

39 Overs: Sri Lanka is 198/9

37 Overs: Sri Lanka is 194/9 India needs one more wicket to get win.

36 Overs: Sri Lanka is 193/9 Sri Lankan batsmen will have to show something miracle to win the match.

34 Overs: Sri Lanka is 188/6

32.4 Overs: Sri Lanka is 184/6 Sangakkara is batting on 82 and MF Maharoof on 22. MF Maharoof got out by Ojha. He scored 22 runs.

32 Overs: Sri Lanka is 182/5 Sangakkara is batting on 81 and MF Maharoof on 20.

30 Overs: Sri Lanka is 169/5 Sangakkara is batting on 74 and MF Maharoof on 16.

29 Overs: Sri Lanka is 165/5 Sangakkara is batting on 72 and MF Maharoof on 14.

27 Overs: Sri Lanka is 155/5 KC Sangakkara is batting on 70 and MF Maharoof on 6.

25 Overs: Sri Lanka is 147/5

24 Overs: Sri Lanka is 146/5 Can Sri Lanka hit back in the series?

23 Overs: Sri Lanka is 141/5

23.5 Overs: Sri Lanka is 139/5 Sri Lanka is not at the end of danger. They need miracle performance in the lower order batting line-up to get win.

22 Overs: Sri Lanka is 133/4 Farvez Maharoof is on crease with Kumar Sangakkara.

21.2 Overs: Sri Lanka is 132/4 Sri Lanka just now lost their another wicket of Thilina Kandamby

21 Overs: Sri Lanka is 131/3

20 Overs: Sri Lanka is 121/3 Sri Lanka is just 243 runs short to reach Indian innings.

19 Overs: Sri Lanka is 119/3 Thilina Kandamby is a new batsman.

18.2 Overs: Sri Lanka is 118/3 Mahela Jayawardene got catch out by Praveen Kumar. He scored 30 runs.

18 Overs: Sri Lanka is 117/2 Kumar Sangakkara scored 46th ODI fifty. Partnership: 66 runs from 56 balls. India were 138/2

17 Overs: Sri Lanka is 113/2 Sangakkara is batting on 49 and Jayawardene on 27.

16 Overs: Sri Lanka is 105/2 10 runs has come in this over.

15 Overs: Sri Lanka is 95/2 Indian bowlers are trying to put some extra pressure over Sri Lankan batsmen.

14 Overs: Sri Lanka is 92/2 Sangakkara-Jayawardene pair is supposed to make a big partnership.

13 Overs: Sri Lanka is 83/2 Sangakkara is batting on 29 and Jayawardene on 19.

12 Overs: Sri Lanka is 78/2 Sangakkara is batting on 25 and Jayawardene on 18. Jayawardene hit 3 boundaries in this over.

11 Overs: Sri Lanka is 66/2 Sangakkara is batting on 25 and Jayawardene on 6.

10 Overs: Sri Lanka is 56/2 Sri Lankan batsmen will have to show more consistency aganist Indian bowlers.

Jayawardene is the new batsman.

9 Overs: Sri Lanka is 52/2 Sri Lanka is now under huge pressure.

8.4 Overs: Sri Lanka is 51/2 Sangakkara is batting 17 on and Dilshan on 30. Zaheer Khan took the most important wicket of Dilshan. Dilshan scored 31 runs.

8 Overs: Sri Lanka is 50/1 Sangakkara is batting on 16 and Dilshan on 31.

7 Overs: Sri Lanka is 41/1 India needs some quick wickets to make sure their series win in Sri Lankan soil. Zaheer Khan took a maiden over.

6 Overs: Sri Lanka is 41/1 13 runs has come of this over. Dilshan hit a four and six against Praveen Kumar.

5 Overs: Sri Lanka is 28/1 Sri Lanka has no more option except win if they want to save their hope of series win.

4 Overs: Sri Lanka is 20/1 Sangakkara is batting on 7 and Dilshan on 11.

3 Overs: Sri Lanka is 12/1 KC Sangakkara is batting on 4 and Dilshan on 6.

2 Overs: Sri Lanka is 9/1 KC Sangakkara is the net batsman. He has lost his form. So, he will play to get back his form once again. It was good over bowled by Praveen Kumar.

1.1 Overs: Sri Lanka is 7/1 Sanatha Jayasuriya got bowled out by P Kumar. It was a big loss for Sri Lanka team.

1 Over: Sri Lanka is 7/0 To seal the ODI series Indian bowlers will have to perform well against Sri Lanka.

Come back after a few minutes for Sri Lankan batting. Now, it is break time.

Indian Innings

50 Overs: INdia scored 363/5. Sri Lanka needs 364 runs to win.

49 Overs: India is 353/5 Yousuf pathan scored a half centruy from just 33 balls.

48 Overs: India is 338/5. Can India score 350 runs?

47 Overs: India is 330/5

46.3 Overs: Sri lanka is 324/5

44 Overs: INdia is 307/5

43.3 Overs: India is 301/5. India has passed 300 runs.

43 Overs: India is 298/5

42 Overs: India is 294/5 Yusuf Pathan hit a six against Sanath Jayasuriya.

41 Overs: India is 286/5 Indian batting run rate has decreased.

India is now facing batting disaster problem.

40 Overs: India is /5 MS Dhoni is batting on 10 and Yusuf Pathan on 1. Sanatha Jayasuriya took maiden over.

39 Overs: India is 280/5 India needs another big partnership to make strong chasing target.

Now, Yusuf Pathan is the last batsman of India team.

38.3 Overs: India is 278/5 SK Raina got stump out by Sangakkara. He scored 9 runs.

38 Overs: India is 277/4 MS Dhoni is batting on 8 and S Raina on 9. SK Raina hit a boundary in the last ball of this over.

37 Overs: India is 272/4 Sri Lankan bowlers will have to show their best form to hit back in the series.

36 Overs: India is 270/4 MS Dhoni is batting on 6 and S Raina on 4.

Suresh Raina has come for bat.

35 Overs: India is 265/4 Sri Lankan bowlers need to show more consistency and check run rate. V Sehwag got run out. It was big loss for Indian team.

34 Overs: India is 259/3 Projected run rate shows that India could score 421 runs against Sri Lanka.

33 Overs: India is 251/3 V Sehwag is batting on 104 and MS Dhoni on 3.

32 Overs: India is 246/3 Muralitharan needs one more wickets to break Wasim Akram's world record in ODI cricket.

Skipper MS Dhoni has come to bat.

31.5 Overs: India is 245/3 V Sehwag got saved from run out. But in form batsman Yuvraj Singh got catch out off Jayawardene by Muralitharan. He scored 117 runs.

V Sehwag is batting on 100 and Yuvraj Singh on 112.

31 Overs: India is 239/2 Sri Lankan bowlers will have to put more pressure over Indian batsmen. V Sehwag scored his 10th ODI hundred.

3o Overs: India is 230/2 V Sehwag is batting on 92 and Yuvraj Singh on 111.

29 overs: India is 224/2 V Sehwag is batting on 91 and Yuvraj Singh on 104. Partnership: 200 runs from 150 balls.

28.1 Overs: India is 216/2 Yuvraj Singh scored 11th ODI hundred.

28 Overs: India is 215/2 V Sehwag is batting on 90 and Yuvraj Singh on 99. It is the best third wicket partnership in Indian cricket history. Partnership: 191 runs from 144 balls.

27 Overs: India is 204/2 V Sehwag is batting on 85 and Yuvraj Singh on 93.

26 Overs: India is 196/2 V Sehwag is batting on 79 and Yuvraj Singh on 91.

25 Overs: India is 191/2 Sri Lanka needs some quick wickets to make their come back in the competition. Yuvraj hit a lovely six.

24 Overs: India is 181/2 Sri Lanka's performance disappointed the home fans in their "do or die" match.

23 Overs: India is 179/2 3rd wicket partnership between Sehwag and Yuvraj is looking to make an unbeatable chasing score. Sanath Jayasuriya dropped an easy catch of Sehwag. Run rate: 7:78

22 Overs: India is 174/2 This is the last over of batting power play. Partnership: 150 runs from 108 balls.

21 Overs: India is 167/2 V Sehwag is batting on 64 and Yuvraj Singh on 77. V Sehwag is the big threat for Sri Lanka team.

20 Overs: India is 158/2 V Sehwag is batting on 58 and Yuvraj Singh on 74. Sehwag scored 34th ODI fifty.

19 Overs: India is 147/2 V Sehwag is batting on 49 and Yuvraj Singh on 73. Dilhara Fernando dropped Sehwag.

18 Overs: India is 138/2 V Sehwag is batting on and Yuvraj Singh on . Muralitharan and Ajanthan Mendis are two bowlers in batting power play.

17 Overs: India is 133/2 India takes batting power play. It is obviously too hurry.

16 Overs: India is 120/2 V Sehwag is batting on 34 and Yuvraj Singh on 66. Four boundaries come of this over. 100 runs partnership from 97 balls.

15 Overs: India is 107/2 V Sehwag is batting on 34 and Yuvraj Singh on 53. Sehwag-Yuvraj Singh pair is becoming stronger against the victims. Yuvraj Singh scored 39th ODI fifty.

14 Overs: India is 96/2 V Sehwag is batting on 33 and Yuvraj Singh on 40.

13 Overs: India is 88/2 V Sehwag is batting on 32 and Yuvraj Singh on 35. Fernando is creating pressure over Indian batsmen.

12 Overs: India is 82/2 2nd power play is going on. V Sehwag is batting on and Yuvraj Singh on 30.

11 Overs: India is 74/2 V Sehwag is batting on 31 and Yuvraj Singh on 21. Partnership: 50 runs from 42 balls.

10 Overs: India is 68/2 V Sehwag is batting on 30 and Yuvraj Singh on 17. Maharoof gave two runs of this over.

9 Overs: India is 67/2 V Sehwag is batting on 29 and Yuvraj Singh on 17. V Sehwag is now an aggressive mood. He hit 3 consecutive boundaries.

8 Overs: India is 52/2 V Sehwag is batting on 16 and Yuvraj Singh on 16.

7 Overs: India is 46/2 Two boundaries have come in this over.

6 Overs: India is 37/2 V Sehwag is batting on 6 and Yuvraj Singh on 11.

5 Overs: India is 28/2 India is now under huge pressure after losing two early wickets.

4 Overs: India is 24/2 13 runs has come in this over. Gautam Gambhir got run out.

3 Overs: India is 11/1 Sri Lankan fielder dropped a catch in a short. Gautam Gambhir got a life.

2 Overs: India is 9/1 Sachin Tendulkar hit a magnificent six. The sad news is that Sachin Tendulkar got out of this over.

1 Over: India is 2/0

Virender Sehwag and Sachin Tendulkar have come to bat first in the opening pair.

India won the toss and elected to bat first.

The match will start within a few minutes. Here, we will try to give live score and updates of the 3rd ODI. Be with us.


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