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Sri Lanka vs India 1st ODI 2009: Live Score and Updates

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India has won the match by 6 wickets. Dhoni has remained not out on 61 runs and Rohit Sharma on 25 runs.

Indian Innings:

48.1 overs: India is 247/4. India has won the match by 6 wickets with 11 balls remaining in hand.

48 overs: India is 246/4

47 overs: India is 237/4

46 overs: India is 230/4 Dhoni completed his 26th half century in this over.

45 overs: India is 219/4

44 overs: India is 214/4

43 overs: India is 210/4 Rohit Sharma hit a boundary in this over off Mendis.

42 overs: India is 201/4

41 overs: India is 194/4 Kulasekara conceded only 2 runs from this over.

40 overs: India is 192/4

39 overs: India is 186/4 Five runs came from the over.

38 overs: India is 181/4 Yuvraj Singh got out off Maharoof for 23.

37 overs: India is 180/3 Kulasekara bowled this over.

36 overs: India is 176/3 Three runs came from this over.

35 overs: India is 173/3 India needs 74 more runs to win the match from 90 balls.

34 overs: India is 167/3

33 overs: India is 163/3

32 overs: India is 158/3 Dilshan conceded only 3 runs in this over.

31 overs: India is 155/3 Dhoni and Yuvraj Singh are batting now.

30 overs: India is 145/3

28 overs: India 138/3

27.3 overs: India 135/3 Suresh Raina got run out for 53. Another important wicket for Sri Lanka. India is now under pressure.

27 overs: India 134/2

26 overs: India 129/2 Mendis conceded only 2 runs in this over.

25 overs: India 127/2 Yuvraj Singh has come into the wicket.

24.4 overs: India 126/2 Gambhir got out off Muralitharan for 62

24 overs: India 121/1 Gambhir pulled over the cover region for a boundary.

23 overs: India is 115/1 Only 3 runs came from this over.

22 overs: India is 112/1 Gambhir completed his half century in this over.

21 overs: India is 103/1

20 overs: India is 99/1 Dilshan came into attack and conceded 6 runs in this over

19 overs: India is 93/1 Muralitharan was brought into the attack.

18 overs: India is 91/1

17 overs: India 87/1 Raina hit an excellent cover drive for a boundary in this over.

16 overs: India 80/1. Ajantha Mendis came into the attack for the first time.

15 overs: India 76/1 Only three runs came from this over.

14 overs: India 73/1

13 overs: India 68/1 Only two runs came from this over. Good over from Maharoof.

12 overs: India 66/1 Gambhir is batting on 30 and Raina on 23.

11 overs: India 58/1

10 overs: India 54/1 Two boundaries came in this over.

9 overs: India 45/1. Gautam Gambhir got a life as Jayawardene missed a difficult catch in the first slip.

8 overs: India 40/1 Good over for Sri Lanka as Thushara conceded only 2 runs.

7 overs: India 38/1 India got 14 runs in this over as Suresh Raina hit two boundaries and an over boundary off Kulasekara.

6 overs: India 24/1 Dilshan dropped Raina, and thus, giving him a life which could be dangerous for Sri Lanka.

5 overs: India 19/1 There was a strong caught and bowl appeal against Gautam Gambhir, but it was ruled out later on by the third umpire.

4 overs: India 14/1. Suresh Raina joined Gambhir in the wicket.

3.4 overs: India 13/1. Sachin Tendulkar fell for 5 being trapped in LBW off Thushara

3 overs: India 9/0 Tendulkar is batting on 4 and Gambhir on 4

2 overs: India 7/0 Thushara bowled this over and conceded 6 runs.

1 over: India 1/0. Kulasekara bowled the first over.

Sri Lanka Innings:

50 overs: Sri Lanka 246/7

49 overs: Sri Lanka 239/6

48 overs: Sri Lanka is 229/6

47.2 overs: Sri Lanka is 222/6

33.3 overs: Sri Lanka is 143/2

32.1 overs: Sri Lanka 132/2 Jayasuria hit another boundary.

31 overs: Sri Lanka 128/2

30 overs: Sri Lanka 126/2 jayasuria is batting on 74 and Kandamby on 4

29 overs: Sri Lanka 124/2

28 overs: Sri Lanka 118/2 India got another wicket as Kumar Sangakara got out for 44 in the last ball of this over. Ojha picked up the wicket. An important break through for India.

27 overs: Sri Lanka 110/1. Ten runs came from this over. An expensive over for India. Jayasuria is heading towards another fiery innings against his favorite opponent India.

26 overs: Sri Lanka 100/1 Jayasuria hit a SIX in this over.

25 overs: Sri Lanka 91/1

24 overs: Sri Lanka 89/1 Sangakara is on 33 and Jayasuria on 53

23.4 overs: Sri Lanka 88/1

23 overs: Sri Lanka 86/1

22 overs: Sri Lanka 82/1 Jayasuria completed his 68th half-century. He is looking dangerous now.

21 overs: Sri Lanka 81/1

20 overs: Sri Lanka 78/1 Ojha conceded four singles in this over. Sri Lanka seems to be in control in the match at this moment.

19 overs: Sri Lanka 74/1 Jayasuria is on 46 and Sangakara is on 25.

18.3 overs: Sri Lanka 73/1

18 overs: Sri Lanka 69/1

17 overs: Sri Lanka 66/1 Yusuf Pathan came into the attack for the first time. He conceded 3 runs in this over.

16 overs: Sri Lanka 63/1 Ojha was brought into the attack. The spinner conceded 4 runs in his first over in the innings.

15 overs: Sri Lanka 59/1 Jayasuria is batting on 38 and Sangakara is not out on 18.

14 overs: Sri Lanka 52/1

13 overs: Sri Lanka 50/1 Munaf Patel conceded 8 runs in the over.

12 overs: Sri Lanka 42/1 Ishant Sharma picked up a meden over for India.

11 overs: Sri Lanka 42/1 Nine runs from the over. It was an expensive over for India. Jayasuria and Sangalara look dangerous at this moment.

10 overs: Sri Lanka 33/1

9 overs: Sri Lanka 27/1 Four runs came from the over.

8.3 overs: Sri Lanka 27/1 Jayasuria flicked on the leg side for another boundary in the first ball

8 overs: Sri Lanka 23/1 Sangakara hit a boundary in the fifth ball of the over.

7.3 overs: Sri Lanka 19/1 Ishant Sharma has been brought into the attack for the first time in the match.

7 overs: Sri Lanka 19/1 Two runs came from the over.

6.3 overs: Sri Lanka 18/1 Zaheer Khan conceded only 1 run from the first three balls.

6 overs: Sri Lanka 17/1 Five runs came from the over.

5.2 overs: Sri Lanka 16/1 Sanath Jayasuria smashed over the cover for another boundary.

5 overs: Sri Lanka 12/1 Couple of runs came off Zaheer in the last delivery of the over. Zaheer is bowling well at this moment.

4.3 overs: Sri Lanka 10/1

4 overs: Sri Lanka 10/1 Munaf conceded 4 runs in this over.

3.3 overs: Sri Lanka 10/1 Another fiery shot from Jayasuria, the second boundary of Sri Lankan innings.

3 overs: Sri Lanka 6/1 Zaheer Khan picked up another meden over.

2.3 overs: Sri Lanka 6/1 No run from the first three balls of the over. Zaheer is bowling very well.

2 overs: Sri Lanka 6/1. Six runs have come from this over.

1.3 overs: Sri Lanka 4/1. The first boundary of Sri Lankan innings has come off Jayasuria's bat. Munaf Patel is bowling this over.

1 over: Sri Lanka 0/1 Meden wicket for India. Zaheer Khan bowl very well. Kumar Sangakara is the new man in the wicket.

0.3 over: Sri Lanka 0/1 India picked up the first wicket as Dilshan fell for a duck, getting run out.

0.1 over: Sri Lanka 0/0

India won the toss and decided to bowl first.

Dear readers, the match will start very soon. The players have come on the field.

First ODI of the five-match series between Sri Lanka and India is going to take place at the Rangiri Dambulla International Stadium, Dambulla on 28 February (Wednesday). The match kicks off at 10:00 local (04:30 GMT). Here, in this entry, we will be giving live score and updates of the match. So, be with us and enjoy the live updates of the match.


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