Thursday, January 29, 2009

Playing Cricket over Mount Everest may Cause Serious Health Problem

I already wrote about the news regarding two groups of cricketers going to take part in a Twenty20 cricket match over Mount Everest. The charity match is due to take place on 21 April at a place which will be 5,000m above the sea level. Through this match, organizers are expecting to raise £250,000 for the Lord's Taverners and Himalayan Trust UK charities.

However, Dr Buddha Basnyat, a specialist in high altitude health, warned the cricketers that they might face breathing problem while playing at that height because of lack of oxygen.

BBC reported:

"Oxygen levels at the height are only half what they are at sea level. That can produce illness, sometimes fatal, even for people not running around chasing a ball," he said.

"The important thing is, if people aren't feeling well and yet push themselves to play, especially if they exert themselves, that can predispose them to altitude sickness."

Taking part in a charity match is defiantly something praiseworthy, but it should not be done at the sake of anybody’s health. If there is serious health concern regarding playing cricket at that height, then I think, it is better not to organize the match. Even if organized, I think, organizers must ensure that no player would suffer from the match.


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