Friday, January 30, 2009

Lalit Modi Losing Power over Indian Cricket?

Lalit Modi has become an influential name of Indian cricket over the last few years. His power as a high BCCI official has stretched to world cricket too, though nothing is official. He is now the chairman of high-profile Indian Premier League (IPL) tournament which deals with million of dollars.

Well, Mr. Modi is now facing a huge challenge to keep his power intact in Indian cricket. In fact, he is struggling to keep his power in his home state Rajasthan where he is the head of the local cricket association. However, a change in the local government in Rajasthan has put Modi’s future as the head of Rajasthan Cricket Association in jeopardy. The new government and his rival group in the cricket association have called an election next month. Though this election, his rival party is aiming to bring an end to his tenure as the head of Rajasthan Cricket Association. Meanwhile, a number of complaints against Modi have been lodged and the investigation for the complaints would kick off very soon. Now, it is yet to see if he would be able to hold on to his place in Rajasthan Cricket Association as well as in BCCI in the years to come.

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