Friday, January 30, 2009

Famous Cricket Statistician Bill Frindall Passes Away at 69

Leaving the cricket world mourning, Bill Frindall, the famous statistician and scorer of BBC Test Match Special, has passed away at 69. He served BBC for 43 years, and earned fame as a specialist of cricket statistics and scorer. During his illustrious career, he wrote a number of statistical cricket books. He is also known as 'the Bearded Wonder' as he was named by fellow commentator Brian Johnston. Bill Frindall was suffering from Legionnaire's disease for a number of years until his death.

For his outstanding service to the sport, Frindall was honored with an MBE in 2004. Bill Frindall was always enthusiastic about cricket statistics and always liked to hear any questions regarding cricket statistics and tried to find the answers with all of his effort. Today, cricket statistics are very much organized and Frindall has a great role behind it. I pay my highest tribute to this great figure of cricket world.

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