Friday, January 30, 2009

Cricket Chief of Zimbabwe Failed to Earn Australian Visa to Attend ICC Board Meeting

Peter Chingoka, chief of Zimbabwe Cricket (ZC), has failed to get Australia visa to attend a regular board meeting of ICC. The two-day board meeting will take place in Australia and he will not be able to attend the meeting. It has reported that Australian government refused him an entry visa to the country as Mr. Chingoka is linked with Robert Mugabe government in Zimbabwe. Wilfred Mukondiwa will represent Zimbabwe in the board meeting.

Zimbabwe cricket will be one of the agendas to be discussed in the general board meeting. Standard of cricket in Zimbabwe has been deteriorated over the last 6-7 years due to the illegal influence of Mugabe government on the cricket board. Players like Andy Flowers, Grant Flowers, Heath Streak, Stuart Carlisle and many others quit the international circuit as part of protest against the influence of Mugabe regime on the board. Many cricketers were even threatened by the board and the government. Many international cricketers are not out of the country. Above all, cricket in Zimbabwe has been a mess and Zimbabwe has not been playing test for a number of years now.

I think, ICC should take some serious initiatives to keep cricket away from politics in the country. Otherwise, it would bring anything good for the future of Zimbabwe cricket in the long run. Now, it is yet to see how soon Zimbabwe gets back their golden days in world cricket.

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