Saturday, January 31, 2009

Australian Media Criticizing Australian Team after Losing No. 1 ODI Spot to South Africa

As South Africa has become the no. 1 team in ODI cricket, replacing world champion Australia, the change of dominance in world cricket is now pretty clear. For over a decade, Australia has dominated world cricket in the presence of former greats like Mark Waugh, Steve Waugh, Mark Taylor, Shane Warne, Glenn McGrath and many others. However, those golden days are now gone and Australian team is now going through a formation period following the retirement of a number of great players over the last couple of years.

Australia has just lost the ODI and Test series to South Africa at home. Most importantly, the ease with which South Africa outperformed the Australians with a depleted bowling attack would surely raise some questions concerning the future of Australian cricket that Cricket Australian will have to deal with in the coming years. Following the 4-1 series defeat to South Africa, Australian media has come down hard on the Australian team, while finding out the reasons behind Australia’s recent poor performances. They are now predicting that Australia might lose the no. 2 spot to India very soon in world cricket.

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