Saturday, December 27, 2008

Rangers vs Celtic Live Score and Updates: 27 December 2008

Rangers (0) vs Celtic (1)

Celtic has won the match 1-0 thanks to an excellent goal from McDonald. With this victory, Celtic opened up a 7-point lead at the top of the table and took the revenge of thier 4-2 home defeat to Rangers in August.

90 minutes: Rangers were all out to clinch a late equalizer, but the final whistle blew off and that is the end of the match.

88 minutes: Rangers is palying all out at this moment looking to score an equalizer. Rangers got a corner.

85 minutes: Celtic got a good chance and was very close to double the lead, but nothing happened in the end. Ealier, Rangers threatened in the Celtic half once again.

80 minutes: Rangers threatened in the Celtic half for a number of times in the last few minutes. The hosts are desperate to level the score.

75 mintues: Rangers chaged a player. Whiltaker comes off and Novo comes on. Papach earned a corner for Rangers, welll taken, but was claered in the end.

70 minutes: Rangers palyers are looking for an equalizer.

62 minutes: Player changes for both sides.

58 minutes: GOAL for Celtic as McDonald scored an excellent goal.

57 minutes: Rangers got a free kick from a dangerous position, though Rangers palyers claimed for a pentaly, but nothing happened in the end.

53 mintues: Rangers is attacking more at this moment.

48 minutes: Chris Boyd missed the easiest chance of the match for Rangers as he failed to beat Celtic goalkeeper in a one-to-one situation.

46 minutes: The second half started. Rangers had the first attack.

This is now half time at the Ibrox stadium. Be with us. We will be back with second half updates.

45 minutes: It is now half time. Rangers and Celtic both sides had some good attacks in the end, but goal did not come yet.

40 minutes: Rangers had two good chances in the last five minutes.

35 minutes: Goal has not come in the match, but Rangers had some good attacks in the last six minutes. Celtic was also dangerous in counter-attack.

29 minutes: A Rangers player was shown yellow card for agreessive tackling. Then Rangers had a shot on target, but nothing happened in the end.

25 minutes: Rangers' Mendes was on target, but his long range shot went wide off the target.

22 minutes: Both Celtic and Rangers got a good chance each in the last five minutes, but failed to calitalize on the chances.

17 minutes: There were some good attacks from btoh sides in the last couple of minutes.

13 mintues: Both sides are going for attack whenver getting chances, and the match has so far been pretty much exciting.

10 mintues: Rangers players started celebrating for a goal, but was called off foul in the end as a Rangers player turned the Celtic goalkeeper down on the ground.

8 minutes: Rangers got a free kick, but there was no one to turn in the free kick in the box.

6 minutes: Celtic got a corner, but nothing happened in the end.

3 minutes: Rangers had a free kick from just outside the box, but Mizuko's shot was not good enough to beat the keeper.

o minute: The match has started just now.

Dear readers, Ibrox stadium is full of crowd. Fans of both sides are waitng for the kick off.

Here, in this entry we will be giving live score and updates of the match between Rangers and Celtic. The match kicks off at 12:30 GMT. We will be giving live updates when the match resumes. So, be with us and enjoy the live updates of the second Old Firm battle of the season.


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