Saturday, December 20, 2008

Manchester United vs LDU Liga de Quito Live Score and Updates: FIFA Club World Cup 2008 Final

Manchester United has won the match and is now Fifa World Club Cup 2008 Champion.

Manchester United (1) vs LDU Liga de Quito (0)

93 minutes: The match has finished and Manchester United has won the match.

90 minutes: 3 minutes of added time

88 minutes: Change of player for both teams

86 minutes: Lobely run from Tevez

83 minutes: Change of player for LDU and Man Utd

80 minutes: Man Utd is trying for the second goal

76 minutes: Change of player for LDU Quito

73 minutes: Goal for Man Utd. Rooney scored a superb goal.

70 minutes: NIce attack from LDU. Now, counter atttack from man Utd and Araju of LDU shown yellow card for offending Ronaldo

67 minutes: LDU is playing some better now.

64 minutes: LDU got a corner but nothing happened

61 minutes: Rooney was very close to scoring a goal.

58 minuyes: Man Utd got a freekick

55 minutes: Man Utd is still playing better despite having 10 men. Good shot from ROnaldo but even better save from the goalkeeper

52 minutes: Man utd missed a good opporunity

49 minutes: Vidic (number 15) of Man Utd shown red card. Man Utd will now play the rest of the match with 10 men.

46 minutes: Second half has started. THe match is still goalless. Be with us for live updates

It is halftime in the match. The match is still goalless. We will be back with the second half updates. So, be with us and enjoy the updates.

45 minutes: Park Sung missed a great chance for United. He got the Quito keeper alone to beat, but his shot went off the post. In the end, Rooney had another good shot at goal, but nothing happened.

43 minutes: Tevez had another threatening shot at goal from Ronaldo cross, but Quito goalkeeper was up to the mark.

40 minutes: Quito had a good attack, but United defense was up to the mark.

38 minutes: Quito had another attack.

35 minutes: Quito goalkeeper denied United another goal. What a performance the goalkeeping is showing. There was a corner, but nothing happened in the end.

32 minutes: Carrick had a long range shot at goal, but went wide off the target.

30 minutes: Quito is also trying to go on attack now. But, United is still dominating.

27 minutes: Manchester United is playing far better than Quito now.

25 minutes: United threatened once again in the Quito box.

23 minutes: At last, Quito had a weak attack in United box.

21 minutes: Rooney had a good run, but was offside.

19 minutes: Great goalkeeping from Quito goalkeeper. Tevez had a crucial head from a Ronaldo cross. BUt the goalkeeper was up to the mark.

17 minutes: Manchester United is now in control of the match. Another good attack from Manchester United.

15 minutes: Another threatening shot from Rooney, but was blocked for a corner by the Quito goalkeeper. Ronaldo just missed to reach the ball from the corner.

14 minutes: Manchester United is now dominating the match. FIFA president Sepp Blatter is seen in the gallery.

12 minutes: Another good attack from United, Ronaldo's cross was cleared for corner.

10 minutes: Rooney had a fantastic shot at goal, but was blocked by Quiuto goalkeeper. Now, United got a free kick, but nothing happened.

9 minutes: Ronaldo had a good run in the Quito defense, but it was later clared. Now, Quito is on attack.

7 minutes: United was on attack, but nothing happened as Quito defense was up to the mark.

4 minutes: Liga missed the best chance of the match. their striker failed to beat the Van der Sar alone in the goal.

2 minutes: Ronaldo was fouled and ManU got free kick.

0 minute: The match has started just now. First attack from Manchester United.

Rooney, Tevez are in the starting line up.

There are many Manchester United fans seen in the gallery.

Dear readers, the match will start within few minutes. Players are lining up at this moment.

The exciting final match of FIFA Club World Cup 2008 final will take place on Sunday (21 December 2008). Here, in this entry, we will be giving live score and updates of the match. The match starts at 10:30 GMT/UTC/BST (19:30 Japan Local Time). So, be with us when the match resumes and enjoy the updates of the match.


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